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we could be married and id still be paranoid u didnt like me

#500% guilty of loving this in arranged marriage royalty au fics SERIOUS (via eeames)

YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS and one million bonus points if the more powerful person’s attempts to convey respect and allow the other person some measure of autonomy/boundaries (AKA NOT JUST CROWDING INTO THEIR MARRIAGE BED AND DEMANDING ALL THE MARITAL RIGHTS) come off as teeth-gritting vague dislike, and the less powerful person’s attempts to just stay the fuck out of the way and not be a bother come off as YOUR TOUCH—WHICH I’M OBLIGATED TO ALLOW—DISGUSTS ME and everyone’s stewing in misery while being excruciatingly polite and lusting sadly after each other from afar.

OR THE REVERSE, where they have an instant sexual connection (TREMBLING BREATHLESS KISSES IN THE CARRIAGE ON THE WAY BACK FROM THE WEDDING) but both (MISTAKENLY) believe that the other one married them as a last resort and thinks they’re worthless/dumb/slutty/etc.etc. so the same with the distant stiff politeness during the day, but punctuated by NIGHTS OF TENDER PASSION after which both stew in misery that it’s just opportunistic sex, nothing more, despite the secret feeeeeeelings they are both developing.

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Le Festin

♬ 68/365 ”Le Festin“ | Camille

Les rêves des amoureux (Dreams are for lovers)
sont comm’(e) le bon vin (as wine is to friends)
Ils donn(ent) de la joie (carried through lifetimes,)
ou bien du chagrin (and spilled now and then)

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